The Master Couriers... YourOwnCourier.COM


The Courier for Little Companies and the Large Auto or other Dealerships for partial or all day service..that want to make their life easier and profitable...! 


Other companies have their phone numbers buried under that monstrocity "contact us" and might take you a while to find the number, but here...well it is right here... CALL NOW...!


(651)442- 9044


Riaz Hussain or Catherine Richey (651)808- 8086...!



Industrial Warehouse Mexico

Your Own Courier! (651)442-9044
Sublime Properties and Control ... Master Couriers!
We Deliver Anything, Anywhere, but at reasonable times!!!

The independent Courier for Phoenix Metro Area!



The regular courier does not or cannot show up...may be sick or something

You have extra work suddenly

No one will help you out

Others are charging too much

Courier availability is limited

The middle men are charging too much

Too many billing or other hassles

Or anything else does not matter!


You can call us...(651)442- 9044,

and what can you do then...?

You can hire a courier par excellence for a half day... 4 hours, that is,


Or for a full day ...8 hours


Or for a week Monday through Friday


or for a month decide


Or if you have a series of picks and drops ...


No billing hassles...simply use a credit card...


Or provide a Name and Billing address and we will be happy to send an invoice ..just ask them to cut a check, within 10 days ... we don't send a bill until the job is completed..we will send a confirming email and attach it to the invoice.

Not too hard, is it?

Now, are you wondering about the pricing?



One day....$ 195.00

half day...$105.00

Hourly ..$21.25


And if you call, rest assured your job will get done in the most Professional Manner. No, Ifs, Ands and Buts.

We have over 5 years of delivery experience..


And finally what can we deliver...?   You name it...!

Anything that can fit in a minivan or a full size Ford Transit 250..

For example...

Tires,  we can drop them all over the place in town or the next town..! Please prepare a manifest and optimize it in the drop order, if possible, otherwise we will suffer through it..!

Auto parts... we can drop them off all over the place, just have the manifest ready for the driver... again, please optimise it for the driver...if possible

Documents, paychecks, bank bags, mail bags, any bags whatsoever...


skids, pallets, bins, crates upto 3500 lbs

Medical supplies, specimens, and whatever else medical...

Medical equipment, supplies and other items in town or out of town

Runs to the airport... like Delta dash..

Runs to construction job sites

Runs to technicians dying for a part in the field

Runs to whatever...

We will find a way for you...


Shipping Order



Riaz Hussain, Web Master

Master Courier at Large

Sublime Properties and Control

25607 N 153rd Ave

Surprise AZ 85387

(651)442-9044 Mobile

Courier Service for almost all businesses:

Legal, Medical, Packages, Airport Runs, Bank Runs, Property 
Businesses, Tire distributors, Tech in the Field services and 
Everything Else in Between.
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